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The Fat Duck
The Fat Duck The Fat Duck The Fat Duck The Fat Duck The Fat Duck The Fat Duck The Fat Duck The Fat Duck

restauracja The Fat Duck

 / Berkshire / Anglia

High Street Bray
SL6 2AQ Berkshire
South East
+44 16 28 58 0333
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Given its three-Michelin-starred status, The Fat Duck couldn’t be more unassuming – its discreet entrance & simply furnished dining room give no hint of the astonishing cooking that takes place here. Heston Blumenthal is the UK’s most famous chef & his 18-dish tasting menu is well worth its £150 price tag for the roller-coaster ride of thrills it delivers. Every morsel is pure fascination, from the first palate-cleansing mouthful of nitro-poached green tea & lime mousse to the last bite of a wafer-thin carrot & orange lollipop. In between, there are extraordinary flavour combinations such as grain-mustard ice cream with red cabbage gazpacho, sardine on toast sorbet & a dish that sets out to evoke the essence of autumn: diners are asked to place a tiny, oak-flavoured film on the tongue & to alternate between mouthfuls of truffle & oak-buttered toast & parfait of foie gras & matsutake (pine mushroom) purée: utterly delicious. There are wine matches by the glass, plus an extensive global list that includes big hitters as well as lesser-known labels. The Fat Duck has that rare combination of serving superb food in a light-hearted way.